Mike Cee


135 Connaught Road West | Hong Kong
+852 94413850

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135 Connaught Road West | Hong Kong
+852 94413850

Marine Biologist [HKU].
Surfer. Lover of Hip Hop.

Founder at PULLBOX
Ambassador at Tribe Theory
Business Development at MARK&TING

I specialise in making personal websites like this one.
Perfect for getting information across with minimal hassle.

Make a sales card like this one:



Brand Ambassador for strategic growth in Hong Kong.

[Partner] - MARK&TING

MARK&TING is a HK boutique marketing firm.

A team of the best.

Digital storytelling is our hobby and lifeblood.

SEO, SMM, Websites, Print, HD Video + Photo.

What that means: we shoot your photo & video and make sure that message reaches your target on Google, social media, email, in print and everything else.

We screen clients to develop longterm relationships. Not for the faint of heart!


Mike Cee Digital Marketing

My solutions agency will set up a marketing team specific to your individual/firm's needs.


SME maker of the original PULLBOX winch - disrupting wakeboarding and a boardsports [snowboard, surf, skate, BMX]

[You can invest too and I can help.]


Key Projects

Digital Marketer.
Experienced in the surf and wakeboarding industry.

Affiliated Brands

Silver Dragon (aka Qiantang Shootout) Makara SurfboardsModern TechnocracyTrekTouw WinchesJetsurf (coming soon)


As a surfer I love riding traditional craft.
But I love to test new innovations.

Our team is extremely lucky to get our grubby hands on some of these high-powered boy's toys.

We'd love to own them just for luxury too, but luckily for you we have them for rent.



Get your website now.

Freelance Services

I am web solutions specialist. I solve internet headaches. If you don't need the full website, sub-services are available listed below:

1. Quick & Good

Simple outsourced DM jobs to save you $$, time and headache. Get these done in 1-2 days [express: delivered in 6hrs for double]

ServiceCost (HKD)
Web Card Building [like this demo site!] $999 up
Logo Design $300
Copy Writing - the meanest copy! $300 up

2. Extensive Campaigns

Month-long contracts or longer to provide complete marketing solutions for your product, startup or company.

ServiceCost (HKD)
Social Media Campaigns $3500 up
Social Media Consulting$350 /session

3. Partner/Develop

Let me help bring your dream app or online business into fruition. Availability to advise as consultant or co-found.

ServiceCost (HKD)
Mobile Prototyping (UI) Coming soon
Build your e-shop Coming soon
Build your SaaS Coming soon
Ideas Consulting$500HKD

Get your website now.

Solidify your online presence. Let me build you a site like this one now. I'll be in touch within 8 hours.


1. Lesley Fan - Surf Dept @ Decathlon HK

2. Reno Makani - professional surfer

3. Winching in HK

4. Young Hysan - Hong Kong Rap artist

5. ROTKNEE SURFER- my surf story

© Mike Cee 2018. All rights reserved.